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Water Alarm

Protect your home from costly water damage

Water Alarm

FunguyPro Water Alarm

Protect your home from costly water leaks


Fast and Simple Setup

The water alarm is super easy to setup. All you need to do is connect to the devices WiFi network, enter your preferences then sit back and relax!


WiFi On-Board

There is no need to buy a expensive hub for the FunguyPro IOT devices. They have WiFi built in so the water alarm can connect directly to your WiFi router.


No Additional Payments

There are no fees or contracts, once you buy the device you have access to all our services for free if you have less then 25 active online devices.



The average cost to repair water damage is US $7000, let the FunguyPro Water Alarm is a simple device that could save your home from a flood or leak. The FunguyPro Water Alarm is different compared to other devices, it has WiFi On-Board so you won't need to buy a expensive hub, It also has no monthly fees, and is highly secure! Use the FunguyPro Water Alarm to sense water for example if a sump pump fails, to prevent basement flooding. The FunguyPro Water Alarm is simple to setup and can send you a E-Mail or SMS Message to your phone when it detects water.

  • Water leak detection - the average water leak causes $7000 in damage, be notified of a water leak.
  • Simple - conveniently place near sinks, washers, water heaters, sump pumps-anywhere leaks could happen.
  • Alerts, anywhere - email and/or text messages can alert you, wherever you are.
  • Connects to standard Home Wi-Fi directly - so there is no need for an expensive hub.
  • All devices are tested before shipping to test full functionality
  • Returns - You may return the product within a 30 day period upon receiving the product, just pay return shipping.
  • Warranty - 5 year limited warranty. Warranty covers only the device. The power adapter and power cord not covered under warranty. Warranty covers device failures, not accidental or water failures.

FunguyPro is NOT responsible for any damage/injury while using this product.



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